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Forget the Alps… and get out of your comfort zone.┬áPura Vida Kites brings you to a new Ski destination in the Middle East!
Join us and hit the slopes in Iran! Go for an unforgettable ski experience.
Stay Tuned..November 28th we’r on!

We are Ocean Athletics ­čśë
Not just a surfer, or a paddler, not a windsufer or a kiter, we are ocean athletics adapting on the elements!
In March 2017 you will have the opportunity to adapt to extreme elements in Iran: Snowboarding and skiing high in the mountains in the North
and kitesurfing in warm waters in the South, one trip with a temperature shift of 40 degrees ..!

Pura Vida Costa Rica

Pura Vida is the unofficial motto of Costa Rica. Literally, it means “pure life.” In essence, it means perfection.

F-one 2015
The Year …

Pura Vida in Costa Rica