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Forget the Alps… and get out of your comfort zone.¬†Pura Vida Kites brings you to a new Ski destination in the Middle East!
Join us and hit the slopes in Iran! Go for an unforgettable ski experience.
Stay Tuned..November 28th we’r on!

We are Ocean Athletics ūüėČ
Not just a surfer, or a paddler, not a windsufer or a kiter, we are ocean athletics adapting on the elements!
In March 2017 you will have the opportunity to adapt to extreme elements in Iran: Snowboarding and skiing high in the mountains in the North
and kitesurfing in warm waters in the South, one trip with a temperature shift of 40 degrees ..!

Pura Vida Costa Rica

Pura Vida is the unofficial motto of Costa Rica. Literally, it means “pure life.” In essence, it means perfection.

F-one 2015
The Year …

Pura Vida in Costa Rica